About Us
TT Fertilisers Sdn Bhd was established in 1988, is a fertilizer supplier company with more than 20 years of experience. Our main office is located in Ampang, Selangor and our branch office is located in Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia. Our products are supply to various farm at whole Malaysia.

The fertilizer provides the optimum level of plant nutrients to satisfy the demands of most growing situations. A balanced blend of essential nutrient is an excellent choice to promote healthy growth and superior results. With proper use, it will saving your costs and achieve the maximum result.

Our main products, Doro fertilizers are pure fertilizers and fertilizer formulations. It can help you save cost, time and energy. As result, Doro fertilizer is only 5.5kg per pack, 5 packs are 27.5kg and can used to 122 trees. Besides that, Doro fertilizer does not require labor costs because the package is very light weight, the owner may be fertilized with its own garden.

Doro fertilizer package is small because it was created by the high-techfertilizer products. That is the saturation of fertilizer powders andconcentrates. Solvent evaporation concentrates the purpose is to increase the concentration of the solution. For example, a tree requires 3kg of steel with the use of normal brand fertilizer, while fertilizer Doro 200gram only is used for a tree. Meanwhile, the concentration of Doro fertilizer can reduce the packaging space, and vacuum packed in plastic with a waterproof function.


TT Fertilisers Sdn Bhd 在1988年成立,是一家拥有超过20年经验的肥料供应商公司。我们的办公室坐落在马来西亚雪兰莪的安邦,而我们也有其他分部分别坐落在东马的沙巴和砂劳越。我们的产品供应给大大小小园主。


我们的产品 - 多籮,是纯肥料,没有渗入任何杂质来加重分量。多籮化肥可以省钱、省时、省力。经研究显示,多籮每包5.5公斤,5包也只是27.5公斤并且可以对122棵果树施肥。除此之外,对年龄比较大的园主来说,使用多籮就可以节省请人施肥的成本。


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